Carp fishing in hot summertime.

Carp – the fish is important and sedate. In early July, although it becomes noticeably more mobile, it goes to the depths. And he chooses various ponds and pits, where the water is calm enough and there is no current. In these places, all potential food for carp sinks to the bottom, where carp begins to feast.

How to get a fishing license in France (the advice from our community)

How to start fishing in France?

Of course, with your desire to go to this unusual country for sea, river, lake fishing in La Rochelle, Brittany, Bordeaux and other amazing corners of France.
But if you want your fishing not to be overshadowed, you need to keep the administrative rules of fishing.
In France, no one can engage in fishing activities if he has not joined the Association for Fisheries and Water protection of the environment and has not paid the fee.
In an effort to facilitate fishing practice, 26 fishing associations of Morbihan have joined forces to offer fishermen a variety of licenses (Carte de pêche) that allow them to fish in the 91 departments of France and thus ensure full satisfaction of their needs.
What to choose? Which Carte de pêche (french license) will suit you?
Annual cards:

Carte Personne Majeure “Interfédérale EHGO” – License is intended for persons who have reached the age of 18 “Interfederal EHGO”, the cost of which is 95 €.
This card provides the opportunity to fish in the 91st department, provides access to all types of fishing permitted in the 1st and 2nd categories.

Carte “Personne Majeure” – License is intended for persons who have reached the age of 18 – 75 €.
This card allows you to fish in all the fishing zones of Morbihan, provides access to all types of fishing permitted in the 1st and 2nd categories.
Carte Promotionnelle “Découverte Femme” – License for women’s fishing – 32 €
Addressed to adult women, this annual card gives the right to fish with one rod in 91 departments of France, provides access to all types of fishing permitted in the 1st and 2nd categories.

Carte “Personne Mineure” – License for fishing rights for young people – 20 €.
It is addressed to young people from 12 to 18 years old so that they can fish in all departments, provides access to all types of fishing permitted in the 1st and 2nd categories.
Carte “Découverte – License for children under 12 years – 6 €
Designed for young people under the age of 12, which entitles them to fish with one rod in 91 departments of France, provides access to all types of fishing permitted in the 1st and 2nd categories.

Temporary cards:
Carte “Hebdomadaire” – Weekly license – 32 €.
The best option to discover fishing in France during the holidays, issued from 01/01 to 31/12. The license duration is limited to 7 days. This card has the same rights as the Carte Personne Majeure card “Interfédérale EHGO”
Carte Journalière – One-day license – 10 €.
This card is valid for the whole day. It has the same rights as the Carte Personne Majeure card.

You can order the necessary license through the official website or contact our community and we will help you!
Successful fishing!


Catching a pike in winter (the advice of professionals our community)

The snow had already fallen and it was getting colder, but here the winter thaw, the temperature of the air reminds of early autumn, high atmosphere pressure and in the morning float the shreds of fog over the open water, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and windless. It is best to catch in deep waters. At the bottom of the water at this time of year is the warmest. If you are lucky, several individuals can be caught in such places, as predators now stand on a small area.

Catching a pike in autumn (advice of professionals of our community)

Cold morning, a small fog, light rain, which has not stopped for a day now – the most optimal time for pike fishing in September and October. By the beginning of October, the water reaches a favorable temperature and the fish rises to the upper layers of water. It is often possible to catch a pike at a depth of two to three meters. Experts pay attention to two reasons why pike fishing in Autumn is particularly good. Firstly, the pike is hungry and accumulate fat for the winter. Secondly, pike and small fish, leaves its shelters, leaves the reeds in the coastal zone and goes to deep water. Now you can perfectly catch on the transitions from overgrown shores of banks to open water.
It’s impossible to reveal all the secrets in a short review, so follow our updates.

How to catch a pike in the summer (advice of our community)

The air temperature dropped sharply and remains steadily low around + 15 ° C for many days. It’s cloudy and it’s raining all the time, sometimes there are thunderstorms, the western wind blows in gusts. “Rotten summer” will say many. A light morning mist. The water level in the reservoirs is slightly higher than usual. During the day, prevails London weather: the rain and the sun alternately replace each other. Pike is now surprisingly active. Here ia an advice from our experts! It does not matter if you use spinning and catch on a spoon or a wobbler, take a smaller bait, as in the spring time. It is best to use medium rotating spoon-bait, as well as wobblers and silicone in size from 8 to 11cm. Try your luck in the thickets of aquatic plants, especially water lilies, there are always pikes which stands in ambush.

Our community will find and catch a pike in all weather conditions.

Weather and pike …. Does catching a toothy striped predator depend on weather conditions?
How many anglers both amateurs and professionals – so many opinions. And every fisherman has his own secret, which allows him to catch a trophy in any weather.
But if you are a newcomer and went fishing for the first time, you risk to be left without a catch, even in excellent weather. Sometimes the pike behaves very unpredictably and even experienced anglers can not influence the activity of freshwater predators when it comes to weather
Our community has a large number of fishermen experts, who today open to you some of their secrets, which soon will allow you to catch a trophy specimen of pike weighing from 6 kg.

New places for fishing and fishing VIP class guides.

To our great regret there are fewer and fewer places where one can meet a cool pike for professionals or a trophy pike for amateurs. Every year ecology and illegal fishing in our country mercilessly beats the population of this species of fish. With each fishing season it is necessary to travel further and further from the city in search of worthy specimens. Our community every month successfully opens for you new places and studies new promising water areas for catching this predator. Our professional guides (among them there are multiple champions of the world for catching a predator) will always show and tell you how and on what tackle you can catch the trophy predator in this water area.
Contact us, we will always be happy to help! 

Zander time

Our community will share with you 3 important details that you should consider when catching zander.
1. Your spinning should be as sensitive as possible, should react to any contact gear with the zander, so that the fisherman can understand what is going on underwater at one time or another.
2. Too thick line affects the nature of the tempo you set, reducing its effectiveness. With the use of modern gear, the optimal thickness of the line is 0.2-0.24 mm.
3. The colour of the bait plays a huge role. Here is a list of colours on which zander is reacts in the reservoirs of our country: green, citron colour , white, orange, pearl with sparkles.

Fishing with FISH.LOVE.CLUB

Periodically on our site we will tell you about how and what we catch, what tactics and method of catching we use, our community is permanently on different ponds and maybe even near you! Follow our updates!

Carp in May.

Practice suggests that in our latitudes carp fishing in spring should begin in May. This is the ideal time, as fish like warmth, it starts to actively feed at 14-15 degrees, and there is still no such water temperature in March-April.