How to catch a pike in the summer (advice of our community)

The air temperature dropped sharply and remains steadily low around + 15 ° C for many days. It’s cloudy and it’s raining all the time, sometimes there are thunderstorms, the western wind blows in gusts. “Rotten summer” will say many. A light morning mist. The water level in the reservoirs is slightly higher than usual. During the day, prevails London weather: the rain and the sun alternately replace each other. Pike is now surprisingly active. Here ia an advice from our experts! It does not matter if you use spinning and catch on a spoon or a wobbler, take a smaller bait, as in the spring time. It is best to use medium rotating spoon-bait, as well as wobblers and silicone in size from 8 to 11cm. Try your luck in the thickets of aquatic plants, especially water lilies, there are always pikes which stands in ambush.

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