About us

Our community was founded in the summer of  2016 and today it is 20.000 active users around the world who follow the updates daily and with whom we communicate actively on all our numerous connection channels: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, NIMSES, PINTEREST and our site .

The unification of all amateurs and professionals of fishing into one big offline community:

  • support and popularization of amateur and sport fishing in Ukraine;
  • organization of competitions, festivals, championships in Ukraine and throughout the EU;
  • development of rules and regulations for conducting of competitions;
  • organization of exhibitions and conferences on fishing;
  • organization and conducting of environmental actions;
  • organization of seminars (including the invitation of leading Ukrainian athletes and experienced experts from America, Italy, France) to teach modern methods of fishing and possession of gear;
  • training highly qualified sportsmen in fishing and training children in fishing;
  • ensuring the performance of teams and athletes in competitions of any level;
  • Participation in environmental protection measures aimed at cleaning Ukrainian ponds and their periodic stocking of valuable fish species.
  • Participation in national programs aimed at attracting young people to leisure activities, sports and amateur fishing;
  • assistance in preventing poaching and illegal extraction of aquatic living resources;
  • Strengthening and expanding of interregional and international cooperation and communication between athletes and amateur fishermen;
  • development of fishing tourism and opening of new reservoirs in Ukraine;
  • organization of fishing tours for the best reservoirs in Ukraine;
  • cooperation with state structures and other organizations;
  • the organization of charity events.