Zander time.

An adult zander is not inferior to perch and pike in its aggressiveness and delicacy. He often does not give mercy even to young zander, but prefers (because his mouth is not wide) to feed on mini pikes, perch, and also frogs and crayfish.

Spring pike.

Pike in May is so active and excited that even a two-kilogram individual gives the fisher a lot of trouble. Demonstrating the wonders of acrobatics, she manages to tangle the line and even tie knots on it. Sometimes a pike, caught on a hook, rushes toward the fisherman, drastically drifts into the depths and strikes the bottom with all its might, and in a moment it already rushes in the opposite direction. Hooks in this case either pop up from the bony mouth, or unbend, or break. And in order to defeat an individual weighing 5-6 kg, the spinner should possess both strength, endurance, and skill.

Viva trout!

Brook trout are one of the most common fish not only in our country, but all over the world. Hunting for trout is complex and fascinating, and its meat is delicious and nutritious. It is not surprising that the number of trout (anglers involved in trout fishing) is constantly growing. Unfortunately, many of them often do not observe the rules of catching this fish. Often you can see how anglers catch trout, the size of which is below the rules. Negatively affects the living conditions of trout and the growth of industry and agriculture. All this leads to the fact that the trout population is gradually decreasing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch it.

European brook trout and its breeding.

The growth of brook trout is fast enough, but it depends heavily on habitat conditions. The larger the river in which trout lives, the more feed there is in it and the faster the trout grows and reaches large sizes. In small streams, as a rule, large trout trees are not found, while in large forest rivers, where there are many insects and small fish, they are not uncommon. Under favorable conditions, trout is able to reach the weight of up to 500 g at the age of 2 years, in barely productive water bodies and in 3-4 years it hardly reaches 80-90 g. When growing trout in cold water ponds, using a high-calorific top dressing, one can receive from 50 to 150 kg of commercial fish per hectare of water area.

In search of perch.

On small reservoirs a large perch will always be near a flock of fry. And, as a rule, always at least five to ten pieces. The main thing in such situations is to find a flock of fry, on each side of which a large perch will be located. But it should be remembered that it is not at all necessary that with the first cast the perch will be tempted by your baits.

Рыбалка на реке Южный Буг с профессиональными гидами

Если Вы много раз были на реке Южный Буг и каждый раз возвращались с незначительным уловом, Вы просто выбирали не те зоны для ловли трофейных экземпляров, а может быть и  не те снасти.
Наше сообщество поможет Вам и Вашей компании подобрать надежные и уловистые снасти, даст максимум полезных советов, подскажет,  где найти и поймать достойный экземпляр хищника.

Sea fishing in Italy

The seas are more densely populated than the freshwater, with various species of fish and other marine animals. With such a dense settlement, the struggle for existence in the underwater world is also developing much more sharply than in freshwater. Marine fish species are characterized by greater mobility and activity in the search of food. The overwhelming number of species are carnivorous. This is facilitated by the conditions in which they have to live: a strong surf current, significant transparency of water and inherent in most marine species flocks. This determines their behavior, when, after considering the prey, each fish of the pack tends to be the first to take possession of it.

Fishing tours around Ukraine

The presence of zander in the chosen place can be determined by the characteristic splashes that it creates, hunting for small fish in the pre-dawn hours. Just at this time is very suitable for catching jig in the coastal zone.

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Quiet, cloudy weather usually comes on the first half of May. The best time to catch a pike is from the very dawn to the full darkness, because at this time it actively searches for food. The most productive time for pike fishing in May is a day time.